Welcome and Aloha to you, friends!

My name is Scott Michael Shell; welcome to my home.

I am a full-time, professional photographer available for hire.

  In addition to static photographic images, I am able to provide 3D environment (Matterport Digital Twin) digitization (architectural/real estate site walk-throughs) and DJI Mavix 3 Pro (drone) aerial video capture services for a multitude of applications.

  I have accrued a wealth of life experiences, spanning the globe. Having completed undergraduate and graduate curricula of general math/science/engineering and built-form (architectural) design, I worked in the videogaming industry for more than  twenty-five years (with concentrations in network and audio-visual engineering).

  As of May 2024, I have chosen to devote the remainder of my life to the pursuit of my greatest passion: PHOTOGRAPHY! 

Since my childhood in Hawaii, I have delighted in the chronology of selection of subjects, careful composition, bracketing, darkroom print-making, photo mounting/framing, and visual storytelling.

  As the advent of digital imaging technology rapidly approaches the unlimited richness of film's continuous tone, I have embraced the rangefinder camera as my platform of choice for the creation of breathtakingly beautiful static images. My entire kit consists of the latest Leica M series camera bodies and lenses. While I shoot both in color and black & white formats (@ 60MP, in L-DNG format), the sweetest spot in my heart is reserved for the undiluted purity of the latter.

  I am a contributing member of the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), founded in 2019 by Adobe in collaboration with The New York Times Company and Twitter, to develop an industry standard for digital content attribution and to combat misinformation by adding a layer of tamper-evident provenance to all types of digital content. As a professional artist in steadfast support of other hard-working human beings, I am unequivocally opposed to the myriad threats posed by AI (full stop).

  I am partial to portraiture. I especially savor architectural subjects and (15-25mm) wide-angle exploration. For me, the permanence of pictures transcends sentimentality. Images evoke memories and rouse the specificity of yesteryear, silent sentinels to the commemoration and celebration of place and time.

It is my aspiration to engage clients who share my commitment to lasting, sincere, emotive work.

I do hope you will enjoy viewing a breadth of samples of my work as much as I indulged in their creation.

Please drop me a line from the CONTACT menu: I sincerely look forward to collaborating with you!






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